has spent over 40 years researching and developing the best aftercare products and procedures.

Improper aftercare is the primary reason for piercing problems.  Proper care of newly pierced skin and routine daily hygiene are essential to piercing success.  For more than 40 years, STUDEX® has been the most trusted authority for piercing care and aftercare worldwide. Our revolutionary Advanced 2-in-1 Aftercare and Cleanser helps to provide rapid soothing relief and long-term skin health.

your ears are in good hands with studex

- Dermatologist & pediatrician tested with a skin-neutral pH

- New hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing, non-irritant & non-toxic formulation

- Contains no alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, petroleum, lanolin, oils, steroids, or antibiotics

- Manufactured in accordance with cGMP & International Standards in safety, reliability & quality