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About Studex
Studex® is recognized as the leader in ear piercing systems and allergy-free fashion earrings for consumers of all ages. As the world's largest manufacturer of ear piercing instruments, studs, and supplies we uphold an uncompromising commitment to quality and service that has lasted for over forty years. We make an extensive range of piercing systems and medical-grade studs to satisfy the needs of clients globally. State of the art manufacturing and packaging capabilities enable us to produce a plethora of eye-catching styles for key demographics within the ear piercing and allergy-free earring categories.
Studex After Piercing Care

After Piercing Care is an important factor in maintaining healthy and beautiful ear piercings.

The pierced area should be CLEANSED with STUDEX® Ear Care Lotion or Gel then kept DRY, especially after swimming or exercise.

DO NOT remove the studs from ear during ear care procedure.

DO NOT handle your ears and/or studs unnecessarily.

DO NOT push the clasp along the post towards the ear. This is essential as tight earrings may lead to infection.

DO NOT use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to care for newly pierced ears.

Use only post style earrings continuously for the first 12 months after piercing. The post should be surgical stainless steel or other hypoallergenic material.

Note: Failure to properly follow aftercare procedures or to seek IMMEDIATE medical advice should a problem occur may result in permanent damage to the ear cartilage.

Universal System - 6 Simple Steps

Six simple steps to improve ear piercing with the Universal System by Studex.

It takes just couple of minutes to watch it, some practice and you will pierce like a pro.

Universal Ear Piercing System Features

Review of the features of the Studex Universal Ear Piercing System

Intro to Studex Universal Ear Piercing System

Introduction to most widely used ear piercing system in the world today. Millions of consumers around the world trust Studex® Universal for safe and gentle piercing. The contoured handle and superior quality of the instrument assure years of trouble free ear piercing. Guaranteed only when used with genuine Studex® ear piercing studs and supplies.

Ear Piercing Children

Ear piercing children with System 75 by Studex.

Intro to System 75

Introduction to Ear Piercing with the System 75

System 75 - 6 Simple Steps

Six simple steps to improve ear piercing with the System 75 by Studex.

It takes just couple of minutes to watch it and a little practice and you will pierce like a pro.